‘Goose’ the Eider duck growing fast…

100 image Retro – Couch to 5k & ILDSA Irish Championships

Taking the Duck for a swim…

Sandycove Island Swim – The ‘Towel’ Run

The Legend of Jenny Watt – Brian Meharg

Irish Long Distance Swimming Association Awards – 2018 Season

Tory Island and the King of Tory – Rí Thoraí

Graduates go to the Beach – Ballyhornan

Chunky Dunkers New Years Swim

Mermaid – Short Documentary – Maureen McCoy

Supermoon Swimming

Winter Solstice Swim

Irish Artist Neil Shawcross

Skinny Dipping – somewhere in Connemara!

Mussels on Johnnie Walker

Mayo Shipwreck

Ice Mile – Maureen’s Swim

Solar Eclipse Swim

Winter Solstice Ice Swim

Jack Sail by the Wind – Velella Velella

N. I. Press Photographers Awards – Sports Feature Photographer of the year

“11 Feet” – North Channel Relay

King and Queen of the North Channel

Michelle Macy – North Channel Solo Record Broken

Anna-Carin Nordin – Worlds 1st Female Seven Oceans Swim

Sabrina Wiedmer – 2016 World Record Ice Kilometre 

Sheena Paterson – ILDSA V. President Passing

Global Open Water Swimming Conference held in Cork