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Connecting Outdoor + Openwater Swimmers and Dippers

Co Sligo
Sligo Masters and Open Water Swim Club Skins and wetsuit.
Co Galway
Atlantic Masters Swimming Club Galway Sea swimming group skins and wetsuit.
Co Leitrim
Gulladoo Groupies Ladies Swim Group, Gulladoo Lough

Promote your Group or Club

We’ve been inundated with requests about where individuals can find groups/clubs who swim or dip outdoors around our coastline and waterways. We have decided to publish an online resource for information of such groups/clubs on www.wildswim.ie.

Any Openwater, Outdoor Swimming group or club who wish for their info to be put on our online resource please email with contact info i.e. a contact Name, Facebook page link, Website, Email etc, also whether skins only, wetsuit only or both and general times that your group or club meet.

We hope this will give individuals looking for some company an easy way to find connections in their locality.

“Safety in numbers!”

Disclaimer; These are connections to like-minded folks – Please remember everyone swims at their own risk.