©Paul McCambridge – Diving boards at Newtown and Guillamene, County Waterford. County Waterford and Newtown and Guillamene Swimming Club have recently replaced their boards. Despite the local council wanting to remove said boards, the club won the argument that in order to keep the younger generation safe the solution would not be to ban diving but to teach them how to dive safely! Guillamene now runs an annual outdoor diving competition.

Despite the men-only sign, all visitors are welcomed at Guillamene and it is a must- swim at the gateway to the Copper Coast. While children and teens throw themselves from the diving board and casual swimmers enjoy the deep waters, adventure swimmers can tour the coast heading west, away from Tramore.

Tramore is a bustling holiday town with a long strand stretching 5km where sometime horse races are held and surf schools abound. The promenade bustles with amusements, cafes and a funfair and the Surf Lifesaving National Centre runs various courses. 

Just 3km from the busy promenade at Tramore, the coves of Newtown and Guillamene have been popular for swimming for over seventy years. Follow the signs for the swimming club, as the road sweeps down to a wooded area then on to the ample car park at Guillamene. Beside the tended lawn, concrete stepslead down to the bathing area and diving board. At the other side of the car park a second set of stairs leads to Newtown Cove and you can choose which you prefer to swim at. 

The board at Guillamene is approximately 3 metres above the water (depending on the tide) and ladders to climb out are dotted around the cove.

The Newtown and Guillamene Swimming Club maintains the area and promotes it, ensuring the diving board and steps to access the water are kept clean and litter free. 

At a glance

The twin coves of Guillamene and Newtown are 3km from Tramore promenade, popular swimming holes with a thriving swim community

©Paul McCambridge – MAC Visual Media Newtown and Guillamene Swimming Cove, County Waterford.

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