For some wild swimming is quite enough of a challenge to swim in the sea or open water once a week, others push that out to daily dips year-round but not many would set themselves the challenge of doing 5 or more dips a day!

Particularly when in their 80th year! Paddy Conaghan, from Arranmore began his odyssey on 4th December 2021. The journey he has undertaken; to circumnavigate Ireland, living out of a small van and “Ducking and diving” at as many beaches or piers as he can every day.

The reason he set himself such an epic task? To raise awareness of mental health and funds for Gemma’s Legacy of Hope. This local counselling service helps children from the age of 5, young adults and adults in the Rosses area and Islands of Co Donegal.

This humble man is fast becoming a cold water legend.

We met with Paddy as he was traveling from Co Clare to Co Kerry on Christmas Eve.

Donate To Paddy’s chosen charity Gemma’s Legacy of Hope, Donegal.