Paddy from the outside may seem like your average pensioner, but in following his journey we soon realised not all is what it seems.

Paddy was born on the small island of Arranmore off the coast of Co.Donegal, Ireland. Paddy, now at the age of 82 has embarked on a mission to raise funds and most importantly awareness for mental health. Having picked one mental health charity in each of Ireland’s provinces along with the RNLI, as he says they are his insurers.

His challenge sees him attempting to swim at every beach on the Island of Ireland over a 4 month period, by the way there’s well over 500!… Adding to the difficulty he also decided to do this during the winter, braving Ireland’s notorious cold and unpredictable weather conditions.

When asked why he picked the winter to do this challenge and not the summer, Paddy replied “if I do it in the summer it’s only a holiday!”

As we travel with him, we learn about the many life experiences that have brought him from humble beginnings and a lust for adventure to this challenge, as he revisits these memories with stories. Some humorous, some sad and others bordering legality!

Please come and join with us on a journey where we learn what motivates Paddy to even attempt such a monumental task.

Paddy is living proof that you’re only as old as you feel…it sums up Toby Keith’s song title ‘Don’t let the old man in’, inspired by Clint Eastwood’s quote.

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