Inaccurate information can cost your life; in open water one mistake may be the last mistake you ever make and there is a considerable amount of ill-researched information put out to outdoor swimmers and dippers.

Swimming off tidal rocks can lead to injury and difficulties getting out, ensure you can always get in and out again safely, as the tide rises or falls your access point will change.

Areas with heavy shipping and boating traffic are often unsuitable for swimmers with the risk of collision and poor water quality.

Several of Irelands scenic and beautiful beaches have treacherous areas with strong currents, rip tides and even quicksand.   

Be sure when you are searching for places to swim that you have got your information from a reliable source. have spent years traveling all over the island of Ireland searching out locations and personally testing them, we go the extra mile, literally. The safety of these locations is paramount.

This is a subject in which we at and Swim Free Outdoor Swimming Association have considerable experience. We are voluntary, non-profit and have organised programs in conjunction with Waterways Ireland, the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association and many grass-roots clubs. Building our resource for more than 10 years, we will not recommend a swim location without personally checking safety, suitability and access. This takes time and effort, but we are adamant that every spot recommended has been sufficiently checked. 

We are not only accomplished swimmers; Irish 17km ladies champion, English Channel solo, North Channel relay, Silver medal Pennock Island Alaska 8.2mile and past V.P. Irish Long Distance Swimming Association but also educators and providers of this accurate, free online resource since 2010. 

Our book, Wild Swimming in Ireland was published by Collins Press, 2016.

Check out our Swimspotter Map, look at our articles and please read our Water Safety Advice.

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